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SOMER is a fast growing company operating on the market for pneumatic tools and related consumables.

Our core products include staples, brads and  nails. The products in our range are only top-quality tools and consumables that meet the requirements of users.

The experience our people have gained while working for companies such as DUO-FAST or ITW has helped us improve the quality of our services. Our people have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver professional pre- and post-sales customer service and specialist pneumatic tool servicing.

Somer is a manufacturer of nails and fasteners and a distributor of pneumatic tools, offering a wide rage of products from well-known brands.

The products we offer are made by OmerPaslodeDuo-FastMaxStanley, and Powers Fasteners among other brands. We expand our product range on a regular basis to cater for the different needs that our customer have. In addition to our distribution business, we manufacture our own products.

In 2009, Somer launched two new nail making machine lines.

It was a response to the growing needs and expectations of our customers. We operate a large machine park and have a well-organised production planning team. As a fastener manufacturer, we make our fasteners using steel from reliable regular suppliers. All this allows us to make products according to the highest quality standards.

The manufacture of nails and the sale of pneumatic tools are major parts of our business. Our fasteners are made using new machines from leading manufacturers.

This allows us to make products which are recognised and appreciated for their quality by customers in Poland and beyond. We offer a variety of fasteners for nailers and other pneumatic tools. As a nail manufacturer, we are able to deliver customised solutions. Somer is a leading supplier of modern solutions designed to make all installation and construction work easier. Whether it is a fence, a wooden structure, a pallet or a wooden box, our fastening tools will help you make your work faster compared to traditional methods. Our product range includes nailers, nails, staplers, brad nailers and other products from manufacturers such as



·    OMER

·    MAX





·    BEA


Pneumatic Tool Repair and Servicing Learn more about our services!

Contact us if you are looking for pneumatic tools or parts for such tools, or quality fasteners:

·    brad nailers

·    brads

·    staplers

·    staples

·    nailers

·    nails: paper collated nails, plastic collated nails, wire collated nails (approved for use)

·    pneumatic tools

·    compressors

·    cardboard staplersupholstery staplers

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Brad nailers

A brad nailer is a practical tool that makes brad nailing easier. We offer brand nailers for brads of various lengths, mainly for wooden materials. We are a distributor of Omer, Paslode and Stanley nailers. Contact us and we will help you make the best choice!


Brads are widely used in many types of installation work. We offer a range of brad sizes and lengths. You will need special tools to use brads. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the best fasteners to meet your requirements.

Pneumatic nailers

Use a modern nailer and you will find nailing an easy job! Contact us if you are looking for high-performance branded tools such as MAX, Duo-Fasrt, Paslode or Stanley. The tools are ergonomically designed and offer efficient operation. Learn more about the models in our range and choose the best tools for your needs!


Staples are practical devices that make packing faster. We offer staplers for various types of cardboard. We are a distributor of Paslode, Omer and Duo-Fast staplers. The products in our range allow us to provide customers with solutions that meet their requirements.


Sturdy nails are essential for a sturdy structure. Nails are traditional fasteners used typically for joining wood items. We offer a wide range of nails in various shapes, sizes and lengths. We continue to expand our product range by adding top-quality articles you can trust.


Strong staples allow you to make strong connections of various materials. We offer staples made of strong materials. The staples in our range come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tools you need to use our fasteners are also available in our range.


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